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Not just an emergency fund...


The people and events that shaped 
Gator Pledge...

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The need has never been greater...

A Case for Gator Pledge

Green River College has learned much in the 50 years we have been educating students. One of the most important lessons learned is that students need more than tuition and books in order to be successful. Stable housing, food, bills paid, time to study, and the right frame of mind are all essential to learn and achieve.

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A Campaign From the Heart


41% of respondents experienced housing insecurity in the previous year 

15% of respondents experienced homelessness in the previous year  

52% of students at Green River College experienced at least one of these forms of basic needs insecurity in the past year. 

According to a recent survey of Green River College Students:

32% of respondents experienced food insecurity in the prior 30 days 

What is Gator Pledge?

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Gator Pledge is short-term emergency assistance that can help students with a variety of expenses that come up for students that would cause them to drop out of class or college altogether. It is a flexible fund that can help with a variety of emergencies students encounter.


What started as a small part of the work of the foundation has evolved into a main focus.


  • Who: Gator Pledge is open to all students

  • Why: Helps students complete

  • Meet students where they are

  • When: Gator Pledge was established in 2009.

  • Single access point, web-based application to access Gator Pledge and campus wide emergency resources, or faculty and staff can refer students directly for help when they encounter a student in need.

  • Cross campus collaboration and effort to support students


How many students have been helped through Gator Pledge?

From Spring 2018 – Spring 2021 1,475 students were helped by Gator Pledge


Is Gator Pledge effective?

Yes! An average of 81% of students who receive Gator Pledge funding complete the quarter in which they received assistance.

What does Gator Pledge help with?

Gator Pledge is a flexible fund. Some examples of what it can help with are: books, technology for online courses, including laptops, utility bills, car repairs, medical bills, late fees keeping students from registering, and more


How many students continue with the next quarter?

On average, 78% of students helped through Gator Pledge enroll in the next quarter or subsequent quarters.


What is the average amount of funds each student receives through Gator Pledge?

The average amount a student receives through Gator Pledge to enable them to stay in class is $300.


What if there is something that Gator Pledge cannot help with?

If a student receiving Gator Pledge needs additional assistance we put the student in touch with our campus Benefits Hub, which is run by United Way. Coaches in the Benefits Hub help the student get in touch with additional outside resources, whether that is food, housing, or additional emergency funds through their program.

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