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Faculty and Staff
at Green River College

Teaching Towards a Brighter Future

The Faculty and Staff at Green River College are the individuals who teach, lead, and work with the students on a daily basis, mentoring and helping students on on the path to a brighter future. Through programs like Faculty Excellence, Outstanding Staff Awards, and Distinguished Faculty Awards, the Foundation is recognizing and supporting the hard work and dreams of those around us. 

Employee Giving

Green River College Foundation is able to improve students lives because of the generosity of donors, especially our faculty and staff.

Interested in becoming a donor? Most employees give by payroll deduction. Even $1 per paycheck will change lives. You can stop or modify your gift at any time. Our students often face obstacles to getting their education. Thank you for helping them to fulfill their dreams.


Models of Mission

Green River's annual Outstanding Staff Award is designed to provide formal recognition of Green River employees who, by their noteworthy performance and accomplishments during the year, contribute significantly to Green River. The award also recognizes staff members for modeling behavior that furthers Green River's Mission and Values. 

The awards were introduced in 1989 with the first award going to Shirley Benson, original switchboard operator for Green River. Shirley retired in 2014 as the director of telecommunications.

You can nominate a staff member for the 2022 Outstanding Staff Award below. Nominations CLOSE on September 6th, 2022.

Outstanding Staff Nomination Form

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Thanks for submitting!

Faculty Excellence

The Green River College Foundation seeks to spur innovation, promote teaching and learning, enhance the educational environment, and inspire collaborative efforts amongst faculty through the funding of Faculty Excellence projects.

The Faculty Excellence Endowment is one of the largest individual endowment funds and has grown over time, initially through availability of state matching dollars, and more recently by strong investment growth. The Foundation works with a faculty committee to conduct an annual call for proposals and faculty members submit requests ranging from individual to cross-division projects. Recent examples include the Green River Honey Bee Colonies, the Natural Resources Outdoor Classroom, the long running tie into the Green River One Book, and efforts to provide students options in math and English assessments.


Since the late 90's, the Foundation has invested over $300,000 in faculty to impact the student learning experience.


Faculty Excellence Projects

Now accepting applications for 2022-2023 Faculty Excellence Projects. Applications are due electronically or to the Foundation on November 16th, by 5:00 pm.

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Shining a Little Brighter

The Distinguished Faculty Awards are annually awarded and are designed to recognize Green River College Faculty members who, by their teaching and their campus and community involvement, have demonstrated distinguished service to education.

The first award was made in 1985 to Marv Nelson. Marv was one of the original science faculty, teaching physics until his retirement. Marv was an innovative teacher and has been nationally recognized through work with the National Science Foundation, American Physics Society, and more. In 2007, Green River named its brand new science complex the Marv Nelson Science Center. Marv continues to give back to Green River today by serving on the Foundation Board.

Nominations for the 2022 Distinguished Faculty Awards will open Spring 2022.

Faculty members have been named Distinguished Faculty Members since 1985.


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