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Alumni Highlight
at the Green River College Foundation

Aleksandr Yeremeyev


Aleksandr Yeremeyev moved with his family to the U.S. in 1999 when he was in sixth grade. As he puts it, he “learned English on the fly” he also “flew” through school. Aleksandr enrolled in running start at his local community college and graduated one year early.

Once he completed high school, Aleksandr traveled to Norway, Denmark, Lithuania and Russia doing carpentry work, and eventually some real estate development work. After travelling through Europe, Aleksandr decided he wanted to continue his education in the U.S. He was working with many company leaders through his real estate work, and felt like he needed the education to back up his work. After researching many colleges, he chose Green River.


Aleksandr began attending Green River in fall of 2010, to pursue Auto Mechanics and Business. He also worked in the tutoring center, and as a work-study student in the Green River College Foundation office. Once he completed his Associates of Business degree, Aleksandr transferred to the UW Foster School of Business to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

He loved the nurturing environment that Green River provided, “you just don’t get that at a university,” he says.  There are many instructors Aleksandr credits with his success and who really helped him prepare for classes when he transferred to the University of Washington. Aleksandr says, “Jeff Perlot sowed the seeds of Entrepreneurship into the hearts and minds of students.” Mark Blaisdell’s class was phenomenal and prepared him the most for his classes at the University of Washington. 

Today, Aleksandr is an Economic Development Strategist for the City of SeaTac. He has combined his education and experience in real estate, business development and networking together to do something he loves and that he feels is contributing to the community.

Aleksandr continues to get involved at Green River when he can, coming back to speak to classes about his experience as a student, and welcomes the opportunity to give back to the school that gave him his start!

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