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Interurban Center for the Arts
A Green River College Foundation
Community Partner


Mission: Green River College Foundation's Interurban Center for the Arts (ICA) delivers a uniquely diverse and equitable arts curriculum, providing resources to children and volunteers while fostering excellence in arts education.


The Interurban Center for the Arts (ICA)

Was established in 1984 and provides elementary aged students with an arts enrichment and development curriculum. The ICA helps schools and parent volunteers facilitate monthly art         appreciation classes which meet and exceed OSPI Visual Arts Requirements. The ICA believes art is so vital to building a child's self confidence. Art helps to develop students problem solving skills and nurtures creative thinking. The ICA works to serve all elementary schools in South King and Pierce counties equitably while supporting parent volunteers and students in their creative educational explorations.

Our GOALS for the ICA Art Docent Program

  • To provide schools and art docents volunteers with a diverse and equitable arts education program.

  • To establish art as a critical element in every student's education development

Our GOALS for your school's students

  • To explore their ability to perceive and imagine art

  • To expand their knowledge and use of various art mediums

  • To expand their knowledge of art based on the district’s OSPI Visual Art Requirements while exploring  their own creative development

Our GOALS for ICA Art Docent Volunteers

  • To provide volunteers with the opportunity to become a positive and affirming adult role model in a student’s life

  • To help volunteers meet with success in the classroom by providing them with focused  educational materials, training, and support

  • To motivate art docents to become advocates for the arts in their school and community

The ICA Celebrates 40 Years!

In recognition of the ICA's 40 years providing arts education to local elementary schools, we are pleased to welcome                    The Puppet and Its Double Theater  to Green River College for several performances of The Selfish Giant.  This globally renown group hails from Taiwan and GRC will be one of three stops on its US tour.                                                                                          


Join us on May 11th for an evening performance or on May 15th for a special ICA workshop facilitated by the members of the Puppetry group.


Performance information HERE

May 15th Workshop: please go to the ICA calendar page to register for this exciting workshop!

Puppetry Photo.jpg

Locations & Maps

ICA is located and offers programs and workshops on         Green River College's main campus in Auburn, WA. 

Visit Green River College >

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Through the ICA, participating schools receive:

Educational Material

Each school will annually have access to the ICA’s numerous online art lesson plans and will be loaned an education boxed set. This boxed set includes eight large prints of famous works of art to use in the classroom. Every large print comes with accompanying artist lesson notes and a corresponding project binder with classroom-tested art project ideas.


The ICA provides free or low-cost workshops and trainings to all art docents to support program continuity and quality.


ICA staff offers educational training, workshops, and one-on-one guidance to the in-school coordinator of the art docent program and school staff

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