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Gator Pledge
at Green River College Foundation

Helping Students Overcome Financial Barriers

Green River College Foundation is committed to removing barriers to a college education and building pathways to great careers. Gator Pledge is a resource aimed to give staff and faculty the ability to “Say Yes” to students and help them overcome the financial barriers to enrolling, continuing, and completing their educational programs at Green River College.

The Gator pledge is a promise to every student who is pursuing their education goals at Green River College will have the financial support necessary to do so. By helping students close small (usually less than $500), but critical financial gaps that would otherwise cause a student to drop out, the Gator Pledge is giving the ability to Staff and Faculty across campus to SAY YES! when help is needed – at the earliest possible moment.

Any student who has a financial need that would otherwise cause them to struggle. It can be books, testing fees, or a myriad of other unexpected expenses…or sometimes just a meal. By putting funds in the hands of students, needs can be addressed quickly. 


Are you a faculty or staff member looking to submit a Gator Pledge request on behalf of a student? Click the Gator Pledge Intake Form!

The Gator Pledge is funded by private donations through the Green River College Foundation. If you are interested in helping fund this initiative contact the foundation at 253-288-3330 or

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