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Scholarship Process
at Green River College Foundation

What You Need to Know

  • Green River College Foundation has two scholarship cycles per year. 

  1. The main application period is from January – April. This round of funding is for the next school year, as well as transfer and summer completion scholarships. If awarded during this round, you are ineligible for the Fall round.

  2. The second application period is open during fall quarter each year. If you receive a scholarship during this application cycle, funds will be available for use beginning in winter quarter. 

  • Each application is read and evaluated by at least three people.

  • All applicants are notified whether or not they are selected for a Green River College Foundation Scholarship. Notification will come via your Green River College email, so please check this often for updates!

  • Once you receive notification, you have 30 days to login in to your AwardSpring scholarship account and answer the supplemental questions, as well as attach a copy of your scholarship thank you letter.

  • Write a letter of thanks (prepared in letter format) to be shared with your donor. 

Additional Information


Once you’ve accepted your award, a scholarship account will be set up for you through the Financial Aid Office.

Your scholarship will be divided over the quarters that you’ve indicated on your scholarship application that you’ll be attending.

As a scholarship recipient you are expected to:

  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, make satisfactory academic progress, and follow the Green River College Rules of Student Conduct. (Some scholarships may have higher GPA requirements.)

  • Attend the Welcome Reception in early Fall.

  • Attend Scholarship Banquet.

  • Write a letter of thanks to be share with your donor.

  • If requested, meet with the donor of your scholarship.

The Green River College Foundation may ask you to share your story in a publication or by speaking at a Foundation event. 

You may be invited to an individual lunch or meeting with your scholarship sponsor.

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