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Scholarship applications due April 30th, 2024.

Incoming and prospective GRC students Apply Here.


Who Is Eligible?

Everyone is eligible to apply including IP, DACA, HS Completion, and Running Start.


The average scholarship awarded is $2,000. Scholarships can be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies at Green River College.

Scholarship Amounts


Each year more than 650 students apply for scholarships, and more than 50% who apply, are awarded.

How Many Apply?


All scholarship applications are reviewed by three different readers. The score is an average of the three different scores.

Scholarship Reviews

Types of Scholarships


Students who have significant financial need are eligible for need-based scholarships.  These scholarships are only for use at Green River College.



Awarded to students who have outstanding academic merit, and are based sometimes on program of study.  These scholarships are only for use at Green River College



Awarded to students who have applied to transfer to a four-year, public university within the state of Washington. These are the only scholarships that can be used outside of Green River



Awarded to students who are completing their studies in summer quarter (summer is their last quarter at Green River)

Summer Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Apply?

We have two scholarship cycles each year – The main round opens each year in January and the deadline is always April 30th. The majority of our scholarships are awarded this round. The secondary round is only for students who did not apply in the first round. It is generally open early September with a deadline in mid-October.

How Are Scholarships Paid?

Scholarships are not paid directly to the student. Funds are applied to the financial aid office, in order to be applied to tuition and fees. If you are planning to use your scholarship funds for books or supplies, you will need to talk with the Financial Aid office.

What Are the Requirements?

Requirements for the application include - scholarship questions fully filled out, upload your most recent, unofficial transcripts, DD214 if you are a veteran, recommendation letters are highly encouraged and will strengthen your application, short essay questions about your educational journey so far.

Recommendation Letters?

Please talk with the person first before requesting a recommendation letter. The recommendation letter comes from this email address….

How Will I Be Communicated With?

We will communicate with you via your Green River College Foundation email address, so check it!

If your email is not recognized, please reach out to and we will solve the problem.

Questions Along the Way?

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