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Alumni Highlight
at the Green River College Foundation

Brad Worthley

2023 Outstanding Alumni

Brad is an accomplished business consultant, and internationally acclaimed leadership, customer service and motivational expert.

Brad attended Green River College from 1972 to 1975 and earned an Associate of Science degree in Forest Technology.

After graduating he went to work in a lumber mill for a year and earned enough money to start a business called “Freestyle Sports” which specialized in selling snow and waterskiing equipment, as well as skateboards and tennis equipment. That was the first of seven businesses that Brad would go on to create over the next 45 years. 

Since then, Brad has trained hundreds of thousands of people in all industries, all over the world, focusing on customer service. His client list includes many fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Key Bank, Bank One, Costco, Macys, Microsoft, Nordstrom, McDonalds, Alaska Airlines and Western Union, along with more than 70 Tribal governments. 

Brad is also an author of four books: “The Ultimate Guide to Exceeding Customer Expectations,” “Speaking of Success,” “Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Career & Life” and “A.D.D. is a Gift, not a Disorder.” 

When Brad and his wife Melanie recently visited the Green River College campus, he shared that one of his required classes was public speaking. Like many, he was quite uncomfortable with public speaking as a student. At the time, he had no idea how that single class could change his life.

Brad will be recognized at the Annual Scholarship Banquet Event at Green River College this fall.

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