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Thank You

GRC Donors

Why Give to Students at the River?

The impact you as donors have on the lives of Green River College students is immeasurable.

The Green River College Foundation is fortunate to have support this past year from all corners of the community. Individuals, organizations, and businesses have stepped up to create scholarship opportunities for students at Green River. One of those new donors is the Half Lion Brewing Co. who established the Half Lion Family Fund - Get Going Scholarship to help create new pathways for student success. We caught up with Half Lion CEO Jason Nelson to understand why scholarships and education is important to him.

"It's allowing me to focus. I don’t have to be worried about where the money is coming from. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, without people and their generosity a lot of people would not have the opportunities I am experiencing."

- Rob Kendrick, GRC Scholarship Recipient

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